One Thousand Mindreaders | Stuart Nolan

19 Jan 2018 @ 3:00 pm  -  19 Jan 2018 @ 4:30 pm
One Thousand Mindreaders | Stuart Nolan

Friday 19 January 2018 | 3pm - 4.30pm | FREE (booking recommended)

An afternoon of mindreader training…

One Thousand Mindreaders is a yearlong collaborative artwork during which the artist Stuart Nolan will train one thousand new mindreaders.

Participants will learn the skill of muscle reading, sensing the small subconscious movements of another person's hands. This will enable them to recreate drawings that another person is merely thinking of.

They will also learn how to find objects that another person has hidden in a room or building.

Both the drawings and the found objects will be exhibited in 2019 and trainee mindreaders will be offered the opportunity to demonstrate their new skills for a public audience at a series of performances throughout 2018 and 2019.

This event is part of The Kitchen, Oriel Davies' pop-up project and event space that runs until 27 January 2017.

About Stuart Nolan

As Magician in Residence at Pervasive Media Studio, Stuart Nolan worked with scientists at The University of Bristol to investigate the science behind muscle reading and to develop technologies that could sense subconscious muscle movements. These included: Ideobird, the mindreading robot bird; OuijaBird, a competitive mindreading game; and the Resonant Bits project that continues to develop apps and devices that sense muscle movement.

One Thousand Mindreaders draws on previous artworks by Stuart Nolan and on research and development with a number of partners. As part of his 2015 Venice Biennale show, the artist used muscle reading to create two public performances. These were later staged at Aspex Gallery Portsmouth.

Tickets & Information

FREE event (booking recommended) | 01686 625041

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