Day 1 in The Drawing Room

1 st Day  The weather is horrendous – wind and lashings of rain. Late to Oriel Davies because of road closed at New Mills.There MUST be another way in!- had to go all the way round to Berriew. Arrived. Unloaded lots of stuff I may or may not use.Talked to Amber with hot coffee in hand!Organized workshop times and discussed the project generall...
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NPTC (Newtown) – Drawing Room Project

Thursday 15 th September 2016 It's 10.30 am and I'm in the Art Department's Mac Room at NPTC's Newtown Campus delivering my presentation on Oriel Davies's (OD) Drawing Room Project to thirty-five students and four staff. On what, I am told, is one of the hottest days of the year, the room is sweltering. I talk for an hour, bombarding them with imag...
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The Drawing Room Residency Day 1

The Drawing Room Residency Day 1
Embarking on this new journey as an Associate Artist at Oriel Davies I am acutely aware that the season is changing. In parallel with this I am once again metamorphosing, and in an organic and beautiful twist of fate this residency begins at a time of reflection and evolution that pirouettes intentions and questions into the air like autumn leaves....
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