Day 2 in The Drawing Room, January 14th 2017. 

What a busy day! After just over a month since my last session in The Drawing Room, it was great to get back and see all the new things that had been added and how the space had changed. It seems the room has become much more of a comfortable feature in the gallery now, people were quite happy to come in, sit down, read a book or chat. Criw Celf had an opening in the afternoon, which was fantastic in bringing me lots of excitable participants and visitors.

I met these two wonderful young activists, with their appropriate 'POWER TO THE GIRLS' sweatshirts. Talked to a group of very interesting women who had come on a drawing trip from Shrewsbury- some of whom said they would try to write me something to include in the newspaper, which I am eagerly hoping they will! And had a fantastic conversation with a mother and daughter who were going to the Women's March on Washington in London this weekend, which should be a fantastic display of togetherness and faith after what I imagine will be a dark day on Friday. 

So things have been really taking shape! Now just to edit the whole thing together ready for the Launch ! So please do join me on the 11th of February from 2pm for tea, cake and a free copy of Outside the Margins to take home with you!

If anyone has any stories, articles, poetry, images etc and didn't have a chance to come and visit me in The Drawing Room, I will happily take any submissions by email! Just send them to honeyjoneshughes@icloud.com before February 3rd and I will try my best to fit them in!

Equality is hard to measure


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Thursday, 19 July 2018

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