The Drawing Room Residency Day 1

Embarking on this new journey as an Associate Artist at Oriel Davies I am acutely aware that the season is changing. In parallel with this I am once again metamorphosing, and in an organic and beautiful twist of fate this residency begins at a time of reflection and evolution that pirouettes intentions and questions into the air like autumn leaves.

I want to grow into this space, feel my way along brickwork and shop-fronts like spring bramble shoots, but we hurtle towards winter and I feel the town's voices cradle the mind like ivy. I imagine mapping this place, this terra nullius and thoughts flow to the river Severn - I will dream of her.

Leaving The Drawing Room I walk in ellipses that petal out, tracing clockwise / anti-clockwise, the rain is mist on my face and underneath butchers, stationers and the call of market stalls, the town hums.

I walk questions - how to shape without shaping, know not-knowing? Striding the town, the search for an understanding of this way of being deepens as I circle out, and return to begin this planless-plan.

I'll be in The Drawing Room at Oriel Davies every Tuesday up to and including the 20th December. Please drop by to say hello, bring your favourite poems or share any you've written.

I'm especially interested in maps or poetry of the town and river - there's a large blank wall here I'd like to fill with our maps and explorations of town, time and memory as the weeks progress, as well as working towards a deeper connection with the land here.

Dwi'n dysgu Cymraeg felly dwi isio ymarfer fy Nghymraeg - dewch am sgwrs plis!

Sophie McKeand

Mapping not planning

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Saturday, 17 August 2019

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