Day 1 in The Drawing Room

1st Day  The weather is horrendous – wind and lashings of rain. Late to Oriel Davies because of road closed at New Mills.There MUST be another way in!- had to go all the way round to Berriew. Arrived. Unloaded lots of stuff I may or may not use.Talked to Amber with hot coffee in hand!Organized workshop times and discussed the project generally. Then tried to make myself at home and explored the space. There are lots of areas of different activities – a piano and guitar in one corner, games on the table in the centre, a bookshelf of good reading books, a place for children with dolls' houses and toys, and lots of comfy chairs and pillows to sit on.

12:30  Roxanne Smith arrives with the Newtown choir group and does a half hour of singing which anyone could join – so I did!It was fun to sing again with others – something I used to do a lot, but now I just sing along with CD's in the car.It brought a real energy to the room and filled every corner with sound.A great effect. I recorded short snippets to use later.

In the afternoon I planned some work to do – recording the sounds of objects in the room, get some more recording equipment.I don't want the place to look like a recording studio though, so I may use some small recorders and be surreptitious about it!Thought about the furniture – they seem to exude their own personality somehow, so….

I created an animation with the chairs around the table, and recorded the sounds of some of the objects.Will try and get some music to go with the animation and do some more videos tomorrow.

Thinking about The Drawing Room in its' wider context:

How does it work in a gallery space?

How do people react to the room and the transition from gallery space to community space? Is it too new and different for people to understand what the room is and does it then make them feel uncomfortable? A passive space has been made an active space.How do we get people in and take part?

Amy Sterly (Associate Artist)

Day 2 - Friday 18th Nov

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Sunday, 22 September 2019

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