​I've spent much of this week working with Aled John creating a sound piece for my Oubliette performance due to take place in the Drawi...
I'm sitting here in a B&B, not far away from the gallery. Already the second day of my residency has ended and I've only got one more day to go! I...
Blue is the colour of a tv on standby, it is the colour of distance - difficult to grasp. Today I painted things blue, the objects that...
I arrived early to get an impression of The Drawing Room before it was open to the public. Its larger than I thought, like a stage set, a fiction, a m...
Last Day in the Drawing Room residence! Day 7 15 th Dec 2016 Last day of the residency was very busy – so much to do:pen and ink drawings, editing of ...
The focus of this residency was to respond to Oriel Davies' new exhibition space. The Drawing Room, or the 'withdrawing room' to give it the original ...

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The Kitchen

07 Oct 2017 @ 10:00 am
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