​It was marvellous to have so many eager cooks here in The Kitchen on Saturday 4th November to practise and perfect their cak...
This was such an enjoyable gig. I was energised by it for days afterwards, We sang with our viols, we played the dustbin, it had such a satisfying CLU...
During the launch event on Saturday 07 October performance artist and writer, James Baker invited visitors to The Kitchen to play one or more of the f...
07 October 2017 - 27 January 2018 Building on the achievements of The Drawing Room in year one, we are thrilled to announce The Kitchen...
Organisational Diagrams for Everyday Life The Drawing Room Residency October 2016 Everyone has their routines, making tea, sorting socks, climbing a m...
Though still rib-sore after eight hours of being corseted and crinoline-d, I am so glad that I did it - though it's full import has yet to make i...

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